he main challenge of this project was to manage complexity, ensuring that new users feel excited and curious to learn and experienced traders feel empowered to make their trades. All this effort to keep things simple was made in a not-so-simple circumstance. The team was in three different time zones, and the clients were in a fourth one, right when the pandemic started, learning how to work remotely. Ultimately, we had a great time, and I’m super happy with the result!

Company/My role

Work & Co, 2020
Design Director

Project team

Felipe Memoria (Partner), Daniel Kusaka, Erin Coughlin, Nick Di Chiara, Diogo Akio, Marcos Rodriguez, Michelle Fong, Led Brasil, Gabi Fiori (Design), Muriel Alvarez, Parker Sapp, Christina Kalsow-Ramos, Jared Johnson (PM), Jeff Soto (Tech)